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Melin is taking an active role in finding better ways to manufacture our products.  This includes so many aspects of what happens daily at the Melin production unit.  Being Green is now a focus for our team.  We are taking the time to be environmental conscious in all parts of the production process.  Switching to... Read more »
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Melin has a complete line of High Performance tooling designed for Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless, Steel Alloys, Nickel & Cobalt Based Alloys, Graphite, Composite and Hardened Material > 45HRc.  Find all the best tooling solutions in the new 2022 High Performance catalog.  Request a hard copy or download the digital copy today.
Melin will be closed the following days to enjoy the holidays with our families and friends. January 2, 2023 April 7, 2023 May 29, 2023 July 3 & 4, 2023 September 4, 2023 November 23 – 24, 2023 December 22, 2023 December 25-29, 2023 January 1, 2024 Feel free to visit us our advanced search... Read more »
New to the 2021 Series: Melin Double Angle Cutters Both 60° and 90° Available in 2, 4, and 6 flute Multiple neck reach options available Offered both Bright and AlTiN coated Ideal for use in Back Chamfering, V-Grooves, Deburring, Thread Milling, Chamfering & Countersinking Check Stock and Pricing
UPDATE: Extended through December 2020, you can purchase a Melin Performance end mill (Series: MPMG) at your general purpose AlTiN coated pricing (Series: CCMG) NOW YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO UPGRADE Melin’s Mid Performance End Mills (MPMG Series) are the perfect tool to upgrade your tired general purpose geometry without spending more money.  Now... Read more »
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New Micro 3 Flute Series Size range: 0.010-0.250 Length of cut: 1.5xD, 5xD-10xD, & 12xD Extended Necks Bright, Altin & Amorphous (DLC) Diamond Over 3000 MICRO items INSIDE Expanded 2 Flute offering Expanded 4 Flute offering Corner Rounders Drill Points Square, Ball, Radius End Available CVD Diamond Coating Expanded manufacturing facility &  product line