Melin Tool operates our own, IN-HOUSE PVD coating work center.  This provides our customers with the highest level of consistency in coating composition and the most flexibility in coating selection.

We’ve chosen Platit because of superior performance their coating on solid round cutting tools.

With Platit’s revolutionary and patented LARC® and CERC®  technologies, Melin is able to provide far greater consistency from batch to batch.  As well as, superior adhesion for its conventional coatings.  We have no issues designing a unique, specially tailored coatings designed for enhancing performance in your specific applications.

We currently house several Platit machines, including the π311, which has more than 3 times the chamber capacity of our other units.  We now have the ability to do next generation high performance triple coatings.  Our equipment enables us to coat more tools, provide more coating types and to do so with shorter setups and changeover time.  Equally important, we can provide our customers with unique coatings for their specific application to truly maximize the performance achievable with Melin cutting tools.

The Manufacturers Advantage

Melin’s highest quality manufacturing on state-of-the-art CNC equipment ensures superior performance with reliable, as well as consistent quality!

Test Melin PVD Coatings and prove to yourself

Not all coatings are the same.

TICN: Titanium Carbonitride has an exceptional high hardness & low coefficient of friction coating which provides excellent wear resistance.  TiCN performs well cutting Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, and in high speed cutting where moderate temperatures are generated at the cutting edge.

  • High lubricity facilitates chip flow,
  • Prevents build up and reduces cutting forces & temperature.
  • Provides excellent surface quality on machined components.
  • Excellent in applications which require high feed & speed rates.
ALTiN: Aluminum Titanium Nitride is ideal for high temperature cutting operation in many materials such as Titanium & Nickel Alloys, Co-Cr-Mo, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels & Cast Iron. When exposed to higher temperatures, it forms a HARD aluminum oxide layer and, as temperatures increase, the coating insulates the tool transferring heat into the chips.

  • EXTREMELY TOUGH coating that will hold up in heavy and interrupted cuts.
  • Contains a higher aluminum content than the similar TiAlN coating which makes it harder & smoother than TiAlN.
  • Ideal for smaller depths of cut
  • Excels in high speed and dry machining applications and
  • Excels in  machining hardened steel.
nACo: Aluminum Titanium Nitride + Silicon Nitride coating is extremely well suited for high
performance DRILLING and MILLING applications.

  • Resist high heat-  up to 1200°C before it starts to oxidize and break down.
  • Tough core with HIGH wear and heat resistance.
  • Top layer with extreme high Nanohardness.
  • Low coefficient of friction for less resistance.
  • Up to (1-7) µm thickness in coating layers for the most protection against heat and tool breakdown.
nACRo: Aluminum Chrome Nitride + Silicon Nitride coating is an excellent coating for high
ABRASIVE wear and HEAT resistance. A top layer with high hardness and toughness.

  • Heat resistance of up to 1100°C before it starts to oxidize and break down.
  • Wide application range
  • Great in Super Alloys applications.
  • Very low coefficient of friction for less resistance (0.35).
  • Best in very tough operations. Up to (1-7) µm thickness in coating layers.
  • Premium coating for those difficult applications.
ZrN: Zirconium Nitride coating is a coating developed specifically for machining ALUMINUM, yet excellent when machining all Non-Ferrous materials.

  • Highly recommended for machining Fiberglass, Nylon and most Polymer materials.
  • Maximum working temperature = 600°C/1110°F.
  • Coating thickness of 1 to 2 microns.  The coefficient of friction against steel (dry) is 0.55 and the micro hardness (HV 0.05) is equal to 3000.
CVD Diamond: CVD diamond coating takes place in a vacuum chamber using a hot-filament, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.  Carbon gases are introduced into the vacuum chamber where high temperatures cause carbon atoms to re-bond into a 100% pure crystalline diamond structure.  The crystalline diamond slowly grows on the surface of cutting tools, forming a continuous coating of up to 20 microns in thickness.

  • Standard choice among Mold and Die shops for Machining Graphite, and among manufacturers machining component parts made of Hard Carbon, High-Silicon Aluminum and other Non-Ferrous materials.
DLC Diamond: DLC amorphous diamond coating is a less expensive alternative to CVD Diamond.  This PVD process of applying DLC coating produces hard, smooth, hydrogen free diamond like carbon (DLC) film.

  • Can be applied to any uncoated carbide tool (CVD Diamond requires a special carbide substrate).
TiB2: Titanium DiBoride is well suited for high performance drilling and milling.

  • Tough coating with a high hardness that works well in Titanium, Magnesium Alloys and Aluminum ( >10% Si ).
  • Smooth coating with a very low affinity to aluminum which prevents edge build up.
TiXCo: TiXCo is a nACo based coating with a top layer of Titanium Silicon Nitride.

    • Very hard coating with a low coefficient of friction.
    • Best suited for Super Hard Drilling and milling of Die and Mold Steels.
    • Can be used in Graphite and some Composites.
ALL4: Aluminum Titanium Nitride is ideal for high temperature cutting operation in many materials such as Titanium & Nickel Alloys, Co-Cr-Mo, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels & Cast Iron.